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Hello and Welcome!

I am sure you are wondering what this eco-goth thing is about. Well, I will try to explain .

I have created this community for those who may fit under the 'alternative' (goth, punk, etc.) label, or perhaps no label at all. More importantly, I have created it for those such people who have an extreme passion for nature.

Here, you can share advice, art, stories and information on what you have done for nature or how you have been inspired by nature.

If you like to live the 'green' lifestyle, and have some interesting ways of helping the environment (recycling, home organization/cleaning, decorating, where to shop for organic foods, eco/animal friendly products, etc.), then this is for you.

If you create (art, writing, fashion, etc.) that is made from or inspired by nature, feel free to post your work (or links to your work), explain your process or the objects you use in the creation, etc.

If you have an interest in health or holistics, you can share recipes, herbal/home remedies, and so forth.

If you support a cause, organization, charity, do volunteer work, etc. and are seeking to spread the word or get people to join/contribute, rally or riot, post all that information here.

If you simply like to be out in nature (hiking, camping, rock climbing, swimming, gardening, etc.) you can post about your travels, photos, or maybe even plan meet-ups for an event through here.

In all other words, this place is simply for those of an alternative lifestyle, who care for or are inspired by nature, to get in contact with others such as themselves, and share ideas, experiences, creations and more.

The only rules are:::

1. You must try to stay on topic (something associated with the earth, elements, nature, etc.)

2. Any post containing photos/images or lengthy text must be placed behind an LJ Cut.

3. You must respect other members and their opinions.

Attacks or assaults on fellow members will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the community.

I believe that is all for now. Hope you enjoy the community!

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